Coaches Ministry

Our mission and vision both start with the coach, because we believe that the coach has one of the most influential voices in our culture today.  The role of the coach is not only to coach the team in their sport, but also off the field as well.  Way too often is a coach also a parent figure in these young people's lives and sometimes the only caring adult.  Coaches are often under appreciated and highly criticized for their work and often only judged by their win/loss record.  

At FCA we want to support our coaches and show them that they are appreciated and valued.  We want to be able to work with and support our coaches as they mold these young men and women both in and out of their sports.  FCA believes in 3 Dimensional coaching, where coaching takes place not only in the physical dimension, but more importantly in the mental and spiritual dimensions as well.





"One coach will impact more young people in one year than the average person does in a lifetime."

- Billy Graham